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Published: October 3, 2022
by Tighe Hamilton Regional Funeral Home

Taking the time to speak to a child about a death that has happened can be an important thing to do. They will be confused, and they are likely to have lots of questions, so it is vital that you plan how to let them know of the death. To be able to have a conversation that is healthy and that can help the child, here are some suggestions that directors of funeral homes in Bolton, MA want you to keep in mind.

You want to be honest in what you say and you want to use clear language. Parents lots of times use euphemisms to soften the news of the death but these can actually confuse children more. You want to use clear language and not use phrases like “passed away”. Do not offer more information than the child asks for, either, so that there is no added confusion.

You also want to be certain to allow your child to ask questions. They are bound to have many of them when dealing with a loss. Be honest and clear in the answers you provide. If you are not sure about the answer to a particular question, you want to let them know exactly that and you want to let them know that you will do your best to find the answer. This can be crucial for your child, so do remember it.

It is also important to give them the option of being involved in the services that you are planning for the person. It can be crucial that you do this if you think your child is old enough to attend the service. A service can be as helpful for a child as it is for an adult, allowing them to get closure so that they can start healing. Do not force your child to attend the service if they do not want to, however, since that can cause more harm than good.

You want to let your child know that you are feeling grief, as well. They will take their cues from you and how you behave, so showing your child that they can express themselves is important in the process of accepting the death and coming to terms with it. Let them know that they can always reach out to you to let you know what they are going through.

Having a conversation with a child about the passing of a loved one is not an easy thing to do and it can add more stress to an already tough situation. By keeping these things in mind, you can let your child know what has happened in an honest manner. If you have more questions about this process, you can reach out to a Bolton, MA funeral home like us. Our team is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about telling your child about a death. Give us a call right now or visit us today to speak with one of our experts to discuss which care package would fit your needs.

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